Your office, whether it is in a city centre building or your garage, can have a big impact on the performance of you and your team. Deciding on how to style and decorate your office, therefore, is a crucial decision business owners must decide upon. Making the wrong choice can put off potential clients and future employees. Here, at Guardian Window FIlm, we have collated 10 of the best office decoration ideas that will help you create an innovative space that works for you, your team and your clients, regardless of your business.

1. Create a Welcoming Entrance 

First impressions always count, which is why having a welcoming entrance is so important for any office. This space is often the first thing most people see when visiting the office so make sure that it ’s clean, tidy and comfortable for any visitor. If possible, fill this area with light and keep as spacious as possible to give visitors a bright and open impression of the company. Having somewhere comfortable for visitors to sit while they wait always goes down well.

2. Natural & Artificial Light in the Workplace

Natural light is always best and you should aim to make the most of any natural light that enters your office. Keep window areas clear to maximise the amount of light you get in your space; compliment these with bright, neutral colour walls to really illuminate the room. If your office doesn’t benefit from lots of natural light then consider good quality artificial light such as desk lamps and other indirect light rather than overhead fluorescents.

3. Plants 

Having plants in the office, quite literally, brings some added life into your space. Plants or fresh flowers lift the spirits of employees and bring some added colour into the building. Bigger potted plants can be used to separate spaces and improve the air quality in the area. All of these factors aid an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction and are easy to add to any office space.

4. Separating Spaces

Having an open-plan workspace aids collaboration and communication between different team members allowing employees to work as one large team easier. To provide some order, try segmenting the various teams in the business and opt for transparent partitions or plants. Alternatively, a good way to separate a group workspace or communal area is with a rug. Rugs let you clear a space in your office without needing to put up walls or partitions.

5. Local Art 

Many businesses have been teaming up with local artists to create bespoke art pieces for their offices. This is a great way to introduce some more colour into your office space while the art itself being unique to the business. Consider the current colour scheme in your office and ensure that the piece doesn’t clash with the colour of the walls for example. This is a relatively cheap option as you are promoting the artist by displaying it in your office where multiple clients and employees will be exposed to it.

6. Accent Walls

To add some colour or light into your office space with an accent wall. By painting a single wall with a bold colour you can give any room an extra edge. Different colours have different emotion connotations so be careful which colour you choose and consider what the room will be used for. Accent walls can be the perfect way to integrate your brand colours into your office space too.

7. Employee Customised Spaces

Your team will likely be sat in the same seat and at the same desk most days, so why not let them make it their own? Letting employees customise their workspaces can boost morale and make them feel more comfortable while at work. Having photos of loved ones or idols can be a nice touch to anyone’s desk.

8. Tidy Up

This might seem like an obvious one, but it is often overlooked. Clearing workspaces and utilising clever storage options can free up bundles of space and make areas seem much more spacious. There are several creative storage options to enable you and your team to file work without having paper all over the office.

9. Use Vertical Storage Options

Vertical storage enables you to declutter your workspace while looking good. Hanging storage options can go well with smaller spaces, whilst introducing bookcases to hold business documents can complement high-ceiling rooms and can be a real statement piece. Play around with different options to see what fits your brand style and suits the available space.

10. Furniture

There are two main options when it comes to furnishing your office space. You can either have furniture that matches or go for an obscure look where everything is different, however,  avoid going for a combination of both as this will just look messy. Consider your brand when you select your furniture as you want it to convey you key idealisms. For example, if your company is corporate and professional then you will likely opt for a polished, clean, streamlined look. Whereas a traditional barber, for instance, may choose a refurbished rustic seating with lots of aged wooden surfaces. It is important to select furniture that not only looks good and fits with your brand but is also comfortable and practical.

Another way to decorate your office or workspace is to add window film. This can range from safety film, frosted film or decorative window film all of which can add value to your business. At Guardian Window Films we offer a range of commercial and residential window film options to help you customise your space for security, privacy or decoration. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.