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The sun’s glare can be a problem throughout the year, with the different levels of light glaring through windows and glass in commercial & residential properties, which causes potential comfort and visibility issues. An application of anti glare window film from Guardian Window Film can instantly make a difference to your offices and homes.

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What is Anti Glare Window Film?

Anti glare window film is an effective window film solution, which protects against glare and UV rays. Anti glare window film is a low maintenance solution to uncomfortable visibility issues caused by solar glare, which nevertheless does not impede on natural light levels and preserve your view.

How does it work?

Anti Glare Window Film is designed for the use on the inside surface of windows. Unlike other sun control solutions, this anti-glare window film reflects the sun’s rays while allowing optical clarity to be maintained. Even distribution of the sun’s rays effectively reduces the effect of dazzle. Besides, the film significantly reduces the amount of UVA rays which are the main reason for discolouration.

What are the risks from Sun Glare?

Sun glare is a condition of temporary blinding by extremely bright sunlight. Glare from the sunlight can often cause real discomfort when hitting your windows, television and computer screens becoming a true inconvenience. In fact, glare from sunlight can sometimes be the source of migraines, fatigue and eyestrain, and consequently, reduce the productivity of employees.

Preserved Luminosity & Low Maintenance

What Are The Benefits of Anti Glare Window Film?

  • Reduces sun glare through windows
  • Prevents office & home furniture from fading
  • Protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Helps control energy bills & saves on energy costs
  • Enhances comfort to help increase productivity in the working environment
  • Removes inconvenient sunlight reflections
  • Quicker & cheaper alternative to blinds & curtains
  • Can be easily cleaned.
  • Quick to install

Our Anti Glare Window Film

Our anti glare window film can help reduce glare through your windows by up to 90%, giving you more control of the light entering a room to restore full and comfortable visibility. In addition, anti glare window film is also available in a combined version with our safety film, to be applied for glare and for anti-shatter to EN12600 standards, hereby also enhancing security in case of window breakage.

Glare Control Window Film Installation

When installing our anti glare window film, we offer the possibility to combine anti glare film to other types of window films, such as our security window film or privacy window film, to simultaneously provide improved safety.

For further information about the different combinations of glare protection window film available and their benefits, and to discuss your particular requirements, please get in touch with us, or give us a call on 0121 693 4747 today.

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Please use our interactive tool to see how anti glare window film could benefit your workplace.

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