A glazing risk assessment is an evaluation of the potential dangers associated with glazing, which refers to the installation of glass in windows, doors, and other structures. The aim of a glazing risk assessment is to identify and assess the risks that could arise from the use of glass in a particular building or setting, and to implement measures to minimize those risks.

The assessment typically involves a review of the building’s design and layout, as well as an examination of the type and location of the glazing used. It may also take into account the potential impact of external factors, such as the location of the building, the weather conditions, and the likelihood of accidental or deliberate impact.

The risk assessment will identify any areas where the glazing could pose a hazard, such as where it is located at a low level or where it is likely to be impacted by a person or object. Based on the findings of the assessment, measures can be put in place to minimize the risk of injury by installing safety film.

Guardian Window Films have over 20 years experience of carrying out glazing risk assessment surveys at schools, hospitals, care homes and businesses.

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