Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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Residential Window Film for Your Home

Decorative window film with functional features for your conservatory, house or flat

Guardian Window Film is the first-choice supplier and installer of residential window film for homes throughout the UK. We have been supplying and installing residential window film in private properties for over 20 years. We offer an extensive range of window films, specifically designed for residential use. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and provide effective solutions to a range of problems, including privacy, insulation, energy consumption and aesthetics.

Welcome to Guardian, one of the leading residential window film specialists in the UK. As accredited dealer/installers for all of the major window film manufacturers in the world, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved products and will help you find the very best solution to your particular need(s).
Steven Matthews, MD


Residential window film from Guardian offers solutions to windows and glass-related issues including:  


Privacy is often an issue for those who don’t want neighbours or strangers overlooking into their home.  Our privacy window film delivers the same results as privacy glass at a lower cost and it can be tailored to your required aesthetics. We offer a wide range of finishes, including our popular frosted window film with various patterned and tinted features which can also be applied to your bathroom windows.  

Reduced glare

Anti-glare window film protects your home and contents against sun glare and the harmful effects of UV rays. Our residential window film maintains optical clarity and will give your furniture a longer lease of life by preventing it from fading. Anti-glare film is a cost effective solution which delivers better results than blinds at a fraction of the price. 

Heat Control 

Most commonly an issue in conservatories or other glazed rooms, heat build-up can often become uncomfortable. Our residential window film has solar control properties, meaning that it reduces the amount of excessive heat in the warmer season and maintains appropriate temperature levels in the winter.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Residential window film will help you save money and live more sustainably by decreasing your energy costs. Our energy control window film allows you to bring down your air conditioning costs by up to 30%, all while reducing strain on additional ventilation systems. 


Our residential window film will enable you to feel safer in your home by protecting your glass windows. Safety film is a great solution for those with children and pets who are concerned about dangerous window shattering, acting as an invisible barrier that holds the glass together in the event of breakage. 

Improved Home Aesthetics

Guardian Window Film offers a wide selection of window tinting, patterns, frost & textures to our ranges of Solar Control and Decorative Film. These can be applied to both windows and doors, as well as other glass surfaces inside your home, including bathroom panels and shower enclosures. Our eye-catching decorative window film will improve your home’s aesthetics and it can be tailored to your requirements. 

Easy to Maintain

Residential window film is a practical solution and a functional alternative to expensive blinds or glazing replacements.  Residential window film doesn’t require special cleaning, meaning that you can only wipe it with a wet sponge or a moist cloth.


At Guardian Window Film, we provide a quick and easy installation service, which typically takes no longer than 1 day (depending on the size of your project). We are not restricted to a single manufacturer, which is why we have access to the best window film products on the market.


Insulation Window Film

Our insulation window film can stop unwanted heat gain from passing through your glazing. We offer an extensive range of tints and strengths to enable the best level of heat reduction in the right finish to suit youI

Anti Glare Window Film

Guardian offers an extensive range of anti glare window film, which can help reduce up to 90% of the glare from the sun passing through your windows.

With a wide choice of tints and strengths, you can be sure to find the right film to solve your glare problem – and look good too.

red floor

Privacy Window Film

We offer an extensive range of Privacy Window Film to enable you to find just the right one for your particular needs. With our privacy window film, you can transform your existing clear glass into the patterned glass of your choice or if you prefer, a pattern or design of your own.

We can even reproduce your very own individual bespoke digitally printed design with our state of the art reproduction equipment.

Safety Window Film

Guardian Safety Window Film applied to glass will make it more difficult for the glass to shatter and, if it does shatter, will hold the glass together to prevent injury from broken shards. All of our window films are tested and approved by British, European and International Standards.

Glass treated with this film is rendered compliant with health and safety regulations and will provide the same level of protection as heat strengthened, toughened and laminated glass manufactured for this purpose.

broken glass

Security Window Film

Guardian Security Window Film is available in a range of thicknesses to provide protection against intruders, thieves and vandals.

We offer optically clear scratch-resistant window films and also reflective versions in various tints to provide additional visual security.

The combined security films cost only marginally more than the optically clear versions.

Frosted Window Film

Guardian offers an extensive range of Frosted Window Film to ensure that you will be able to find one exactly right for you.

If you prefer, we can supply a pattern or design to your own bespoke specification using the frosted film of your choice.

Traditional bath tap with shower placed on top
Decorative window film used to depict an underwater scene on the inside of a room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Window film can add various benefits to the home like they do in business spaces. Whichever film or combination of window film you get, you can redirect sunlight, add extra safety, security and even keep heat in the home so you can save money on your household bills.

There are many different types of window films for your home, but the most popular ones are insulation window films, glare reduction, UV blocking, privacy tints, decorative films, anti graffiti and safety screens. All of these window film types are available to purchase from Guardian.

If you don’t remove your window tinting correctly, you could be left with a sticky mess or scratched windows. Fortunately there are two ways you can remove it. The first way is by using heat from a hairdryer to melt the adhesive, slowly peeling the film away as you go. The second way is to take an ice scraper or similar instrument to peel and scrape the film off the windows, taking extra care not to leave any scratches. 

Ideally, when having new window film applied in your home, it’s best to rely on a professional installation service, such as that of Guardian Window Film. We can prep your windows and ensure they are ready for a seamless application.

Yes! Tinting windows not only provides more privacy to your home, it will also add UV protection. In the targeted areas, you can sit comfortably knowing that the sunlight isn’t so fierce, while also protecting the objects in your home.

Decorative Window Film

Guardian’s Decorative Window Film is available in a wide variety of colours and shades. You can be sure this is the ideal window film for your home, whichever room or rooms you have in mind.

If you really want to get carried away, why not come up with your very own personal design. There are no limits, just let your imagination run away with you and we will reproduce your exact specification in stunning colour with our state of the art digital printing facility.

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