Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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Welcome to Guardian, one of the leading specialists of 3M window film in the UK. As accredited dealers/installers for 3M Thinsulate, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved insulation film to help you find the very best solution for your need(s).
Steven Matthews, MD

What is All Seasons film protection?

3M All Seasons Window Film is an insulation plastic film with low emissivity (Low E). Emissivity is the amount of thermal radiation naturally expended by an object; the lower the emissivity, the less heat an object radiates. 

Windows are over 30 times less insulated than roofs and walls, meaning that most of the heat gained or lost is through glazing. Replacing your windows can be costly and time consuming. 3M protective film is specifically designed to help you compensate for this deficit by providing up to 40% better insulation in your building.


How does All Seasons window film work?

All Seasons window film has the capacity to reflect heat in warm weather and retain heat in the cooler months throughout the year. Its unique design allows it to block up to 99% of UV rays, adding protection to art, furniture, hardwood floors and window frames and other interior mouldings. 

With All Seasons Window Film, you can increase the insulation performance of a standard single-glazed window and replicate the insulation effect of a double-glazed window.  It’s easy to install and, depending on the building and external conditions, it can even perform close to a triple pane window.

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What is All Seasons Window Film used for?

All Seasons Window Film is equally used in both residential & commercial properties. You can now make your home more pleasant during summer and winter, as well as improve comfort for both your guests and tenants. Whether it’s your home or your corporate office or government owned buildings, Guardian Window Film can provide and install efficient window treatments.

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It is known throughout the industry that offices and other commercial properties lose around 40% of their heat through poor or old glazing. Thinsulate window film can increase the insulation performance of commercial windows by up to 40%. This is a clear contribution to reducing a property’s heating and air conditioning costs!


All Seasons Window Film can be applied to both plain and patterned glass, without compromising aesthetics or efficiency for listed properties. Our 3M All Seasons Window Film also provides UV protection for antique objects, carpeting and furnishings. This will help preserve historical items for listed properties and also bolster modern energy efficiency to the building.


Insulating the glass roofs on conservatories or industrial green houses will ensure the whole property is fully protected. Heat typically builds up quicker in spaces where light falls directly from the top, creating a very uncomfortable environment. All Seasons window insulation films will preserve the optimal temperature allowing you to enjoy the indoors, wherever you may be.

Benefits of All Seasons Window Film

There are many benefits to All Seasons Window Film. With solar, energy control and UV protection all in one, 3M insulation film is often a solution to the most common glazing issues, including temperature loss, excessive heat gain and fading of furniture, upholstery and artwork.

Environmentally Friendly

3M All Seasons window film is a smart way to reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing your energy use means there will be a lesser impact on the environment. Air conditioners and gas heaters burn fuels which increase the amount of greenhouse emissions. 3M All Seasons window film was created to benefit you and the environment. 

Climate Control

3M All Seasons window film provides climate control without changing the appearance of your windows. Your property will retain warmth during the colder season and the cool air during summer. It will help tackle areas of cold drafts or heat by maintaining the right temperature all year round.


All Seasons Films from Guardian Window Film are applied internally. This means we can carry out the installation of the film quickly and with minimal disruption.

Lower Energy Costs 

Retaining the heat and cool air during winter and summer means that you’ll reduce your energy consumption. Whether that’s air conditioning, electric fans, heaters or fireplaces, All Seasons 3M film enables you to save money by using less energy. You can also save up on expensive insulated work to your house, such as using foam boards, fiberglass  or multifoil insulation to the walls and roof.

Natural Optical Clarity

3M Insulation film is virtually invisible to spot and will not change the look of your windows. It doesn’t interfere with the clarity of incoming light into the property and does not compromise the aesthetics of the building itself.

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How is 3M All Seasons window film made?

3M All Seasons window film has a patented construction and is made using heat-reflective and sun-blocking technology from a specific range of 3M insulation materials. 

Is 3M All Seasons Window Film suitable for me?

All Seasons Window Film is recommended for anyone looking for a convenient and cost effective way to increase the insulation performance of their property. If you’re wondering what is the best insulation film, look no further than 3M All Seaons. For more information about our window film solutions, you can email us or call us on 0121 693 4747 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether it’s the summer, spring, autumn or winter, 3M All Seasons works wonders. Despite windows only making up around 30% of housing exteriors, they are the number one cause of heat loss. Thinsulate window film helps mitigate that loss and makes your home more efficient.

    This depends on several factors including the type of glass the film is applied to and the climate in which you live.  3M All Seasons applications carry a five-year manufacturer-backed warranty.

    3M window films can reduce up to 78% of the heat coming into your home via your windows. This helps keep your home feeling much more comfortable during the summer months and allows you to enjoy having a bright room without it heating up.