Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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Energy Control Window Film installations could allow you to save up to 30% of your energy costs with a payback period of as little as 3 years. With a typical lifespan of up to 20 years, Guardian’s energy control window film could enable you to make considerable savings on your electricity bills. Accredited with Constructionline, Builder’s profile and Safecontractor, Guardian Window Film has been supplying & installing Energy Control Window films across the UK since 1998.

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More energy is often used in cooling a building’s temperature using air conditioning than in heating the building. Indeed, heat in buildings most often emanates from solar energy as well as internal heat generated by people, technology and poor ventilation. Energy Control Window Film applied to the windows enhances the performance of the windows by reducing glare  and solar heat gain, as over 40% of the load placed on air conditioning is known to come from direct solar gain through the windows.


The reduction in the load on air conditioning units achieved by the application of Energy Control Window Film to the windows in a building can save up to 30% of the air conditioning costs. The payback period for the cost of the installation can be as little as 2 years and the film will typically continue to enable savings for up to 20 years in the case of an internal application and 10 years in the case of an external application.


Energy Control Window Film helps maintain a comfortable working environment leading to increased productivity whilst also meeting relevant Workplace Compliance Regulations.


Guardian offers a personalised energy savings analysis for your property. We will provide a comprehensive report detailing the savings our window film could allow you to make. For more details and to get a free quote, please call us now on 0121 693 4747

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The Building Energy Analysis carried out for the Royal Caribbean House near Weybridge identified that potential energy costs savings of more than £2,000 per annum – with a payback period of just 3 years – could be made with the application of Guardian’s Energy control window film.

The works were duly commissioned and with an estimated lifespan of 15 – 20 years the costs of installing the window film will be reimbursed over 5 times. Similarly to UV Window Film and Solar WIndow Film, the Energy Control Window Film reduces glare by more than 80% and rejects 99% of damaging UV rays.

For a energy savings call 0121 693 4747

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Our Energy Control Window Film can also considerably help and positively impact your Green Deal Assessment.

To learn more about the requirements and find out how the installation of window film can help you, call our team of experts on 0121 693 4747

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According to a research carried out by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), 40% of the load placed on air conditioning in offices comes from direct solar energy gain through the windows. Installing energy control window film to your windows could stop as much as 80% of that solar heat gain and reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 30%. This will reduce not only your energy costs  but also your carbon footprint and contribute to your being an environmentally friendly business.

As lighting contributes to around 25% of overall energy consumption in commercial environments, we also use the most advanced technologies to ensure our window films still allow high levels of natural light transmission whilst filtering and rejecting unwanted solar heat gain.

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Guardian is proud to be a member and supporter of The UK Sustainable Development Association.

Formed due to the rising need to optimise and preserve the Earth’s resources, the Association and its members aim to encourage access to and use of sustainable and environmentally responsible technologies and services.

All members have considerable expertise in the use of the technologies and techniques required to reduce the negative impact of existing urban environments and new building projects. The Association is a resource available to assist both the public and private sectors in formulating carbon footprint policies at national, regional and local levels. We strive to participate, encourage and support these objectives by providing high quality environmentally responsible window film products and services.

Try our interactive tool to see how energy control film could benefit your workplace!

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