Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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Guardian Window Films have been providing expertise in Mechanical Anchorage Systems for Commercial, Retail and Government Buildings for more than 15 years. We have CHAS, Construction Line, Exor, Builder's Profile and Safe Contractor accreditation.

Welcome to Guardian, the leading window film specialists in the UK. As accredited dealer/installers for all of the major window film manufacturers in the world, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved products and will help you find the very best solution to your particular need(s).
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Mechanical Anchorage Systems Information

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Mechanical Anchorage Systems are available in a range of types and applications to help protect the glass in your buildings. Here we stock the perfect system which is specifically suited to your needs. Check out our guides to Blast Mitigation Window Film and Overhead Glazing Retention for full knowledge on window protection.


These Mechanical Anchorage Systems comprise flexible shock absorbing cords. designed to arrest the inward travel of laminated or filmed glass. They are comparatively inexpensive and relatively easy to install. They work very effectively in conjunction with a daylight blast mitigation window film installation. Cord restraint systems are often ideal for retro fitting buildings which may not be considered targets, but are in close proximity to targets. Restraint systems may not be acceptable where visual aesthetics are important.


There are two primary differences between a catch bar restraint system and a cord restraint system. (1) It is a substantial piece of channelled metal used to catch the glass (2) It is very rigid and utilises the structure of the window frame and the building to maintain it’s strength. Therefore, the structure surrounding the windows must be evaluated for their ability to withstand the forces that the catch bar restraint system will transfer during an incident. Another obvious consideration is that the catch bar restraint system may obscure the view from the window. It is important to take these factors into account before specifying these particular Mechanical Anchorage Systems.


The gull wing restraint system is designed to hold the filmed broken glass in the window frame when the incident occurs. These Mechanical Anchorage Systems comprise an extruded plastic profile forming an angle with one face bonded to the blast mitigation window film on the glass and the other face bonded to the window frame. If the window breaks the gull wing restraint system will either hold it in place or hinder it from flying into the building.


The clamping restraint systems are engineered to be highly reliable and repeatable. Blast mitigation window film is applied to the inside of the glass with an overlap of 2 inches on every side of the window that is to fitted with the clamping restraint system, which is then fitted around the frame over the tail of the blast mitigation window film. The clamping restraint system is fixed to the film using high adhesive double back tape. It is then screwed into place through the base profile in the window frame. Its grip surface clamps the edges of the blast mitigation window film. These types of Mechanical Anchorage Systems can be applied to 1, 2 or 4 sides of the window frame, depending on the level of protection required. It may also be screwed into the window frame in a variety of ways to optimise the buffering and shock absorbing element of the system.


The Ultima Window Defence System is an exclusive range of advanced Mechanical Anchorage Systems with the flexibility to provide a solution for every blast mitigation, security, anti vandal, safety and overhead glazing issue click here for details

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