Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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At Guardian Window Films, we offer an extensive variety of decorative window film and coloured vinyl window films. We have been supplying and installing decorative window film in commercial buildings, retail store chains, universities, colleges and schools for over 20 years across the Midlands and the UK.


Simply put, decorative window film is a self-adhesive film available in a variety of patterns, tints, colours and finishes. It can also be digitally printed with a bespoke design or pattern, giving you a completely unique look to your space. This film can be applied directly to existing windows or doors and also internal glass screens, for example, a partition in an office building. 


Decorative window film can also be used to provide extra privacy to a room as well as decoration due to its frosted features without limiting the amount of natural light exposure to the room. 


Our decorative window film has added value to both old and new builds and can be seen in buildings across the UK.

We have worked with the Rhodian School in Wakefield, West Yorkshire to lighten up their new school buildings and transformed the corridors of Birmingham Children’s Hospital with a stream of radiant colour and natural light.

Guardian’s decorative window film designs have also helped to liven old office buildings such as Cobalt Square, Five Ways, Birmingham and Trigate House in Birmingham, giving them a fresh new look. 

One of our most striking projects can be seen at Experian’s Landmark Building in Nottingham. The innovative design incorporates the subtle application of various coloured window films. The floating conference pod has two skins of glazing which are randomly patterned with our translucent coloured film of varying transparency (to quote the designers) ‘affording shifting experiences of space’.


Decorative glass film can also be used to provide a brighter alternative to the conventional patterned window film. The original frost film effect dots, squares and lines are widely used to meet manifestation requirements for Health and Safety regulations in the workplace and public buildings. These will continue to change along with company logos, school badges, graphics and other window stickers. Guardian Window Film can replicate everything in both full-colour stained stained glass window film and frosted window film finish.


Guardian has been specifying and installing decorative films in the UK since 1998. Our modern decorative window film is easy to install, meaning that your business won’t suffer from disruptions during the setup process.

With over 10,000 installation projects completed to date, we have gained unrivalled technical expertise and the ability to provide impeccable and professional service to all of our customers.


Guardian can replicate the most unique dedicated images and designs to meet your exact requirements. Our film solutions come in a range of designs and finishes including frosted or smooth and etched glass effect. 

For more information about our wide range of decorative patterned window films, and to further discuss your requirements, please call us on Freephone on 0800 077 8403 or contact us here.


Pair your Decorative Window Film with our Digitally Printed Wallpaper and printed wall coverings. You can now give your business or public space a full upgrade  that will serve both your commercial and decorative purposes. Mix and match your patterns and colours to create a uniform appearance throughout your building. 


We also offer an extensive range of decorative residential window film, including patterned window film and other textured designs. Our patterned window film series displays a range of geometrical shapes and colours, ideal for your bathroom doors or windows. 


We are now stocking Cover Styl – a decorative vinyl glass film. Cover Styl’ is a synthetic laminate covering designed to realistically recreate the look of natural more expensive materials. Cover Styl’ incorporates hundreds of patterns. The extensive range has many patterns including wood, solid colours, metallic, glitter, fabric, natural stone and leather patterns for decoration and refurbishment. 

The flexible films are easy to apply, facilitating a perfect application on any furniture contour or shape. The film is rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), as well as being UV and fire-resistant.

It has never been easier to carry out a renovation project. Breathe new life into your furniture and interior surfaces thanks to Cover Styl, a highly cost-effective and low-maintenance vinyl. Find out more

Can’t picture it? Try our tool below to see the difference our decorative window film can make

Interior door at St Catherine university with graphics manifested onto it

Guardian’s 3M Dichroic Film can transform the appearance of any office space

One of the decorative window films which we supply is the 3M Dichroic Film. The shimmering, colour-shifting effect of dichroic glass is a magnificent addition to any commercial space. Made of premium materials, the 3M Dichroic Film consists of shimmering textures and are available in warm and cool tones. If you are after a different look within your commercial property and you want to define your space in an original way, then our 3M Dichroic Film is the ideal choice for this.

Side by side picture of a corridor. One has multi coloured window film.

Guardian Tinted and Decorative Window Films can transform the appearance of any building

The application of Decorative Window Films transformed the link corridors at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We printed this to match the intricate design of a local artist, Wren Miller, which brightened the stay of young patients and visitors alike.

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    The only limit when looking at decorative window film is your imagination. Whatever idea you have to spruce up a bedroom or make a creative working space, talk to the experts at Guardian Window Film who will explore all possible options for you.

    Have you got a room that needs something extra to it? Does the window look over a neighbour’s house or something you’d rather not look at? Decorative window film can help transform any room while giving people something else to look at while they’re in that room.