Based in Birmingham, Guardian has been designing, supplying and installing residential & commercial films across the UK for over 15 years. With Chas, Constructionline, Exor, Builder’s Profile & Safecontractor accreditations, Guardian Window Films are approved installers for all of the world’s leading window film manufacturers.

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We offer an extensive variety of digital wallpaper, as well as custom digital film. We have been supplying and installing window film and wall coverings in commercial properties, retail stores, Universities, Colleges & Schools for over 15 years across the UK. Our digital wallpaper helps organisations promote their brand and conveys business messages.

Welcome to Guardian, the leading window film specialist in the UK. As accredited dealer/installers for all of the major window film manufacturers in the world, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved products and will help you find the very best solution to your particular need(s).
Nicola Enright, MD


Digital wallpaper & coverings can be applied to walls, murals and internal partitions of your premises. You could also use our wallpaper to promote your corporate image, increase your visibility & enhance your brand awareness. Alternatively, you could use the wallpaper to simply create a convivial & bespoke ambience, in your reception area or working environment.

Cover your Walls & Murals with Printed Logos

Digital wallpaper can be applied to the walls of public and commercial areas, internally and externally, to help you promote your business & services. Our installations are perfect for either: high street retail stores, airports, cafe bars, showrooms & even corporate headquarters. Our unique digital printing technology can also be used to personalise rooms, create bespoke decors, complementing specific themes for a custom-made atmosphere.

Digital wallpaper can also be a fantastic way to personalise bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms, hereby making it a very popular product among our residential products.

Use digital wallpaper to promote your message

Architects, interior designers, marketing & brand experts can now convey their messages to employees, customers, clients & to the general public – by applying custom digital wallpaper to their interiors. Our digitally printed wallpapers will instantaneously revive any un-personal office space & turn it into a unique communal space, where you can promote your company’s messages to stimulate brand awareness.

Guardian window film can seamlessly extend digital images, slogans, quotes and messages across walls, glass partitions & windows. To see an example of an installation, view the Shirley Library in Solihull. If you would like a digital window film installation, please get in touch.

Increase productivity using digital wallpaper

Research has proven employees’ productivity tends to significantly increase when their surroundings are inviting, comfortable & make them feel at ease. In addition, colours, patterns & motivational messages also can also result in a more creative & efficient environment.

Using the latest digital wallpaper printing technology

Our state of the art digital wallpaper printing technology – generates stunning high-quality images, which can be either refined or altered depending on your specific requirements. We digitally print images, logos, designs & patterns according to your precise specifications. All of our digital wallpaper is printed onto high-quality vinyl wall covering & is then laminated onto a paper backing.

If required, an optional varnish can also be applied, as it can increase colour density. Alternatively, if your business is looking to install an outdoor digital wallpaper installation, we can also provide a water resistant wallpaper for outdoor applications. Our digital wallpaper & wall coverings are also available in a diverse range of textured finishes, to best suit the designs you have in mind.

Maximise exposure for your business, products & services

Our wide range of digital wallpaper can also be combined, with the application of our digital window film to windows & glazed partitions. We provide this service so your business can take full advantage of every square foot at your disposal. We do this so you we can help achieve maximum exposure for your business, products & services – and ultimately help you drive leads, sales & revenue.

For more information about our digital wallpaper and wall covering ranges, or if you wish to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch with us, or call us on 0800 77 8403.

We can seamlessly extend digital images, across glass partitions/windows & solid partitions/walls. For example, you can see this in one of our recent projects at the Shirley Library – Solihull. Call us now on 0800 077 8403 to find out more information about our services.

Let your imagination run away with you …

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We only ever specify the highest quality commercial window film, tested and approved to British and European Standards.

  • We are accredited dealers and installers for all of the leading window film manufacturers.
  • We have CHASConstruction Line, Exor, Builder’s Profile and Safe Contractor accreditation.
  • If you are after a no obligation quote for your commercial window film installation please give us a call free on 0800 077 8403 or email us here.