Guardian has extensive experience in specifying and installing Overhead Glazing Retention Systems in Commercial Buildings, Government Buildings and Military Establishments. Established for over 15 years, we have CHAS, CONSTRUCTION LINE, EXOR, BUILDER'S PROFILE and SAFECONTRACTOR accreditation.


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Overhead Glazing Retention is a critical safety requirement in shopping malls, airport terminals and all other areas where glass failure whether spontaneous or due to explosion could endanger lives. If you’re in charge of any of these or similar establishments with significant amount of glass, then you’ll want to be sure your windows are as safe as they can be. Read on to see how Guardian Window Films can help you.


Guardian Overhead Glazing Retention Systems help minimise the risk from falling glass. The application of Guardian adhesive backed polymeric Blast Mitigation Window Film ensures that in the event of impact or blast, the overhead glazing will be held together. By retaining the filmed glass within the structure of the building using Guardian Mechanical Anchorage Systems, the glass is then prevented from falling.


Guardian Overhead Glazing Retention Systems can be fitted retrospectively. In some instances, the Mechanical Anchorage Systems can be added to overhead glazing which has already been fitted with blast mitigation window film.


Not only does the Overhead Glazing Retention System provide vital protection, it also minimises disruption to your business and damage to the equipment contained within the building.


Guardian has an extensive range of Mechanical Anchorage Systems to provide the best Overhead Glazing Retention solution for your particular situation.


All of the products used by Guardian for your Overhead Glazing Retention will be tested and approved to British, European and Global Standards.


To learn more about the key factors to selecting the correct Overhead Glazing Retention for you, we strongly recommend you visit the Blast Mitigation Window Film and Mechanical Anchorage Systems pages on this site. Alternatively, call us now on Freephone 0800 77 8403

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We only ever specify the highest quality commercial window film, tested and approved to British and European Standards.

  • We are accredited dealers and installers for all of the leading window film manufacturers.
  • We have CHASConstruction Line, Exor, Builder’s Profile and Safe Contractor accreditation.
  • If you would like a no obligation quote for your commercial window film installation please give us a call free on 0800 077 8403 or email us here.


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