Whether you’re cozied up in bed reading a book, binging on the latest Netflix series in your living room, or simply sat working away at the office, you’ll know that there is perhaps nothing more infuriating or more irritating than sun glare. Temporarily dazzling you, sun glare from windows can not only prohibit you from seeing and doing anything, but it can actually cause damage to the eyes and to your retina.

In order to keep your home and work space sun glare free, try using some of these simple but effective tricks to ensure that you keep your cool in the dazzling sun.

Install Blinds

An admittedly simplistic solution, blinds are able to instantly block out any sun and window glare with merely a quick flick of the wrist. Effectively shutting out the light, blinds are a great quick fix solution and can be a good addition to any home or workspace environment. However blinds completely shut out any natural light source and can therefore be incredibly impractical, especially during the earlier hours of the day.

Paint Your Walls a Bright Colour

If you find there is one room in particular within your home that is prone to sun glare, it may well be worth considering having a redecorate. By painting your walls a bright light colour, you can trick your eyes into being less affected by solar glare. If you have a dark interior, your eyes instantly exaggerate the contrast with the brightness from the window, causing greater sun glare. However a brightly painted room reduces this contrast, and as a result decreases the sun’s effect on your eyes.

Buy an Awning

Perhaps best suited to shop fronts as opposed to home or office based buildings, awnings are an effective and simple way to block sun glare. Providing shelter and shading from brilliant sun rays, awnings can easily be rolled out during sunny days and simply folded away again when no longer needed.

Use Plants and Trees

If you are unable to change the interior, then why not see what you can do to block the sun from the outside? By strategically planting trees, plants and flowers around and in front of the window you can effectively block out any bright sun rays and provide some much needed shade to your room.

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Install Anti Glare Window Film

An incredibly effective and powerful anti glare tool, window film can reduce solar glare by up to 90%, preventing the sun from dazzling you, all without blocking out natural light. Anti glare window film is a subtle addition to any window feature and blends seamlessly into the glass, allowing the decor and style of your room to remain unmarred by any unsightly anti glare installation. A cost effective solution, anti glare window film is simple to install and easy to maintain and clean, making it an ideal alternative to blinds or drapes. Its UV protection layer also helps to reduce energy costs, making it environmentally beneficial to either your workplace or home, and the must have feature for any room.


If you are looking to install some anti glare window film to your home, contact one of our friendly team today for some expert advice; we’re always happy and ready to help in any way we can.