The combination of bodies, computers and the sun can make summer in an office a particularly uncomfortable place to be, especially when you’re trying to focus and be productive at the same time. Keeping the environment you are sharing with your colleagues cool is just as important as keeping yourself cool during the summer months. We have all experienced a hot, sticky afternoon where your patience runs thin and tempers start to fly. However, here at Guardian Window Film we’ve got your back, pulling together  our top 5 tips on how to keep your office cool this year our tried and tested advice.

1. Block Sunlight

In England most of the good weather seems to occur during the working week, so you will likely have to deal with the added heat while in the office. It might be tempting to open the windows and blinds during a summer heatwave – even if it is just for a few days. However, closing blinds/curtains that let direct sunlight in stops the sun’s rays entering the room, providing more shade and better cooling. Keeping all windows and doors closed during the day aids the moderation of the interior temperature. If you have a southern-facing window in your office, you will need to keep your blinds closed all day and rely on office lighting. Another alternative to keeping heat out, during the summer is by using thermal backed curtains, these can keep heat out and also keep it in during the winter – a worthwhile investment for any office.

If you can, try to open windows when the temperature drops towards the end of the day to let in the cooler air. If you can safely leave windows open overnight this is advisable as your office will feel fresh when you arrive in the morning and the temperature will be easier to maintain going forward.

2. Office Lighting

You can reduce energy costs even further during the summer by ensuring any unnecessary lighting is switched off. Desk lamps and other light sources can generate additional heat which is not needed during summer. Obviously, if you are shutting the sunlight out by closing the curtains/blinds then some artificial light will be needed. But, by keeping this to a minimum you can reduce the heat being produced in the office.  

3. Unplug

Unplug everything! Well, not quite everything – you’ll still need the wi-fi on of course. Computers, printers, TV screens and other electronics all produce a considerable amount of heat, especially when used all day, so it is crucial when trying to keep your office cool to only have on what is being used. Turning them off at the switch ensures they are not doing anything in the background while turned off, meaning they cannot add to the heat in the office. Again, this will also save on your energy bill.

4. Plants

Plants can have many benefits in the office. When it comes to a hot day they provide two ways in which they can keep your office cool. Firstly, larger plants can be used as shade from the sun’s glare and can keep sunlight off of yourself and your screen. Secondly, they absorb carbon dioxide in the air which can reduce the heat within your office too. Office plants, in general, are great as they improve the air quality and have been linked to many other benefits. Big or small we suggest adding some life to your space.  

5. Window Film

A solution that is often overlooked is installing window film around your office to prevent the heat from entering the building. Solar control window film reduces the amount of heat and glare that enters through your windows helping to increase comfort and reduce air-conditioning costs. Energy control window film does a similar job in helping keep your office cool and reduce the strain on air-cooling systems such as fans and air-conditioning. Both of these options are a great way to keep your office a comfortable temperature during the day without shutting the sunlight out completely.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to reducing the heat in the office during the summer months and keeping the heat in during the winter months Guardian Window Films are here to help. We offer a wide variety of different window films from insulation window film, to security window film and privacy window film. Whatever your need, we have a window film to help. Get in touch today.