Within the turmoil of the last few years, a saddening number of shootings and outbreaks of violence have occurred within schools around the globe. Since 2013, there have been a total of 300 school shootings within in the US, averaging at nearly one shooting a week. Because of this tragic and upsetting statistic from across the pond and with terrorism on the rise in Europe, UK schools have implemented a ‘Lockdown’ initiative which ensures that should the worst happen, students and teachers alike are kept safe, secure and protected. Leading the way with this Lockdown initiative. HML Campus in Birmingham have put in place an effective and efficient procedure that is designed to protect both its pupils and staff alike. To ensure that you are informed and educated on what to do should a violent outbreak, or hazardous incident occur within a school, here at Guardian Window Film we’ve put together a quick guide detailing the basics of the ‘Lockdown’  on what you should do to ensure that you and those around you are kept safe at all times.

What Happens If a Threat Is Identified Outside of the School?

In the instance where a threat has been identified outside of the school, the building will go into what is known as a ‘partial lockdown’. Effectively barring those outside from entering, a partial lockdown involves locking all perimeter gates and doors whilst staff and pupils that are outside of the building make their way back inside of the school. Once everyone is within the safety of the school building, no one is permitted to leave the premises until further instruction is received. It is also advised that all teachers should register their pupils and make note of any absent students during a partial lockdown whilst emergency services are contacted.

What Happens If a Threat is Identified Inside of the School?

In the event of an intruder or threat being identified within the school itself, the building will go into a ‘full lockdown’. Whilst a partial lockdown involves locking the outside gates of the school, a full lockdown involves leaving the outer doors and gates unlocked whilst the classrooms and offices are barred from within the building. Once all students are staff members are secured within the classrooms, a teacher is then required to lock the room from the inside, keeping everyone inside protected. Windows are also to be locked and secured, with pupils sitting clear of them and out of sight (e.g. under desks). It’s also important to close any blinds in order to cause obstruction and reduce the vision of the intruder or outside threat. In the instance where a high reflective window film is installed, the need for blinds is eradicated as the window film provides total privacy and completely obstructs the vision of ay outside intruder. Not only is this a secure option but reflective window film also prevents any unnecessary extra movement around the room. Once the classrooms and offices are secure, it’s then important for members of staff to take a register of all those that are present, accounting for any absences whilst the ‘full lockdown’ is underway. During the entirety of the lockdown, it is crucial that no one leaves the building until instructed to do so by emergency services, and an ‘all clear’ status is given.

What Should Parents Do During a Lockdown

In the event that a lockdown takes place, all parents will be notified as soon as it is possible to do so. However, it is important to note that students will not be released into the custody of their parents during the lockdown as this could result in hazardous safety risks. Similarly, parents are asked to not phone the school or their child during a lockdown as this could cause problems with the emergency line connection, as well as potentially alerting an intruder as to the whereabouts of people within the building. Once the all clear is given by emergency services, parents will then be able to come and collect their child from the premises.

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