At long last with the wintry months behind us, the warm sun is finally starting to peek through the clouds, signalling that at long last Spring has officially arrived in the UK. From BBQs, to picnics, to long afternoons spent lazing around outside, the sun brings with it so many benefits and opportunities for exciting activities, but things aren’t always quite so bright and breezy. Whether you’re at home or at work, you’ll know all too well the issues and obstructions that sun rays can bring to an interior space. From window glare to overheating rooms, to damaging furniture, there’s a substantial number of issues the sun can bring to both homes and workplaces alike. But where there’s a problem, there’s also a solution.

Solar and energy control window film is the ultimate home and workplace accessory that’s specifically designed to improve and enhance your everyday life. Through it’s expertly crafted features and skillfully designed engineering, solar and energy control window film is the answer to numerous common occurring solar related issues.

To help you learn more about the benefits of solar and energy control window film, here at Guardian Window Films, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of just some of the highlights and pros you can expect to enjoy if you decide to install this clever little window film life hack.

1. Reduced Solar Glare

Whether you’re trying to read a book, work at a computer, look at a screen or simply indulge in a little you time, there’s nothing quite so frustrating as a glaring ray of sunlight filtering through the window and obstructing your vision. However by installing a solar and energy control window film within your home or office, sun glare can instantly be reduced by up to 90%. Seamlessly fitting onto your windows, the solar and energy control film provides optimum protection from sun glare in the most subtle of ways, never impinging on your view. Drastically improving your comfort levels, it’s the perfect solution for all interior spaces where solar glare leaves you squinting and blinded.

2. UV Protection

People often make the mistake of assuming that rainy Britain is unaffected by problematic UV rays, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Though people only tend to associate sun damage with hot blistering summer days, in reality even on those chillier days UV rays can still cause copious amounts of damage to your body and skin, and you don’t even have to be outside to be affected. With glass being a naturally reflective and refractive surface, solar rays are often re-directed into homes and workspaces alike, which can cause harmful UV rays to penetrate these areas. By installing some specialised solar and energy control window film, you can block 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your living space. Helping to keep your skin protected, they’re a key health and safety feature that’s not to be missed.

3. Controlled Room Temperatures

Through the warmer months of the year temperature regulation can be an impossibly tricky task to manage. With the glaring sun often leaving rooms feeling stuffy and unliveable, finding and sustaining that perfect room temperature can be a near-impossible feat. However, by installing solar and energy control window film within your home or office, you can instantly be rewarded with a regulated and comfortable constant temperature. By reflecting solar rays away from your interior space, any ‘greenhouse’ effect is instantly eliminated, preventing a build-up of heat from creating a stuffy and uncomfortable environment.

4. Furnishing Damage Prevention

Whilst it’s well known that the sun poses damaging health effects, it’s perhaps less known for also having a harmful effect on furnishings and decor. Beating down on objects and artworks alike, the sun’s UV rays are powerful and penetrative, causing wear and tear of interior objects. Ageing both office and household furniture alike, the sun is responsible for causing furnishings, photographs, and artwork to become faded and discoloured. However, with the aid of solar and energy control window film, you can easily preserve your interior spaces, keeping them protected from 99% of damaging UV rays.

5. Improved Safety

Whether it’s scratches, shatterings or even smashings, windows are at great risk from breakages due to their fragile design. Not only can this fragility be costly if anything should damage the window, but it can also call into question a number of security concerns. Being crafted from glass, windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of any building, and as such are open to substantially more risk. However, simply by applying a solar and energy control window film, you can greatly increase the security in and around your home and office. With window films available that are up to 350 microns thick, they can provide your interior space with increased support and strength that provides unparalleled additional protection. Safeguarding your home and workplace against anything from break-ins, to vandalism, to bomb blasts,  they’re the most subtle and securest of safety features, and one you can’t afford to miss out on.

6. Cost Effective

Ever costly, energy consumption is one of the biggest drains on finances when it comes to building maintenance and upkeep. Draining your money, as well as harming the environment with increased carbon footprint levels, acclimatising rooms with air conditioning and other devices is damaging on a number of levels. To reduce your energy bills and become more environmentally friendly, simply install some solar and energy control window film for instant results. By helping to control and maintain the building temperature and reducing heat gain by up to 85%, the window film can help you to save 30% of your energy costs. Financially and environmentally beneficial, it’s a win win no matter what.

7. Aesthetically Pleasing

Whilst solar and energy control window films are undeniably practical on a great number of levels, they can also be incredibly visually appealing. With a huge range of designs, patterns, and colours available to choose from, you can completely personalise your office and home space. So whether you’re looking to go all out with some eye-catching artistic window displays, or simply create a bit of privacy with some tinted or frosted effects, you can guarantee that there’s a window film design for you.

If you’re looking to upgrade either your home or your office with solar and energy control window film, contact Guardian Window Films today for more information.