Privacy Window Film and tinted windows offer an array of advantages. When you think of tinted windows, people imagine darkened windows on 4X4s or flashy sports cars – very few people associate tinted windows with their office or home. However, one of the most beneficial uses for Privacy Window Films is the home! From reducing sun damage from UV rays to reducing your heating bills, window tinting and installing Privacy Window Film is a smart and long-lasting investment for Landlords, Homeowners and Business Owners across the UK! Here are five reasons why you need to invest in Privacy Window Film.


1. Privacy Window Film will enhance your curb appeal

Whether you’re a Landlord, Homeowner or Business Owner, a house is a huge investment that should provide you with financial security to live comfortably later on in life. A simple way to enhance the value of your home is to improve the physical attractiveness of the outside (this is known as curb appeal). Installing Privacy Window Film Window is a quick and long-lasting effort that will have a positive appeal on your home’s curb appeal. Unlike landscaping and gardening, window tinting doesn’t need to be regularly updated and will look aesthetically pleasing for years with very minimal maintenance.


2. Privacy Window Film will save you money

Installing Privacy Window Film and window tints to your home or office is a great way to save money on utility bills such as heating and electric. For example, during the summer months window tinting reduce your need for air conditioning and cooling, as the amount of heat entering the room will be decreased. During the colder winter months, tinted windows and Privacy Window Film will retain heat, therefore minimising heat loss from windows and reducing the amount of time the heating will be on. Installing window tinting or Privacy Window Film will result in a noticeable reduction on your energy usage and on your utility bills.


3. Privacy Window Film improves security and privacy

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home or place of work, and this is where Privacy Window Film comes in. When you choose to tint your windows with Privacy window Film, it makes it much harder for people to see inside your home during daylight hours. This provides you with much more protection, as valuable belongings won’t be on display. The light that hits the Privacy Window Film and bounces back, therefore acting like a mirror.


4. Privacy Window Film protects you and your belongings from UV rays

It’s common knowledge that UV rays are harmful to skin, and they also damage furniture. You’ve probably noticed your curtains and sofas fade over time if they’ve been near the windows, due to sun damage. Privacy Window Film will tint the windows and cause the UV rays to bounce off the film, therefore extending the life of the furniture as sun-related fading is reduced. It will also protect your skin!

5. Privacy Window FIlm reduces glare

Everyone’s experienced that awful glare when you’re trying to watch the TV. Screen glare makes it hard to relax and chill out in the comfort of your own home. Sun glare also impacts work productivity as it can block screens, making it difficult to see.  When you choose to implement Privacy Window Film, you can reduce the glare but still enjoy natural light, as it lets just enough in!


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