Being a landlord brings a lot of responsibility. Tenants may come and go over time but your duty to them is as important as ever. Tenants rely on you for the vital and basic services they would expect to see within a house as a living standard. For the period they are renting your property, it is their home. People want to feel comfortable within their home whether they live on their own or with friends or family. This means it is your s responsibility to keep your tenant(s) happy. Here at Guardian Window Films, we have compiled a few handy tips to help keep your tenants comfortable.

Make sure you follow the law

The first tip is quite straightforward. As you know, there are laws that decide what your responsibilities are as a landlord. These laws from UK government’s official website, are as follows:

  • Rented properties must be kept safe and free from health hazards.
  • Check that all gas and electrical equipment has been safely installed and is regularly checked.
  • An Energy Performance Certificate must be provided for the property.
  • A tenant’s deposit must be protected in a scheme approved by government.
  • If you’re in England, check your tenant has the right to rent your property.
  • Make sure you give your tenant a copy of the “How to rent” checklist when they start renting from you.
  • In terms of fire safety: fit and test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and follow fire safety regulations whether that is for purpose-built block of flats or for houses and property adapted into flats.

Keeping all this in check will avoid the need for any House Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) inspections as a tenant may request one of these if they feel it is needed. Keeping them safe is keeping them comfortable.

Give a clean first impression

Prospect tenants can decide if they feel comfortable in a property from the moment they view the property. This is even more important when it comes to the day they move in. If it looks like the property has been thoroughly cleaned and signs of wear and tear are minimal or non-existent, then you have made a great first impression. Nobody on their first day in a new house wants to spend hours cleaning the place before moving their things in. Spending that little extra money to bring in a professional cleaning service will create the perfect first impression.

Keep the tenant in control of their comfort

The weather in the UK can be, at times, quite unpredictable and your tenants will want control of their temperature within the house. Central heating would be a perfect way to keep your tenants comfortable during the winter. This will also be something that needs to be regularly checked and maintenanced. What gives more comfort than giving your tenant the freedom to manage the temperature of the house they are renting?

Keeping the millennial comfortable

It is estimated that “almost half of the current housing market are millennials with 90% of those being renters” (Homelet) With most house prices out of reach for f those between 18-25 right now, renting is huge for this market. Of course, millennials will have different demands to older tenants. Some of these include:

  • A place to house a bike as millennials are eco-conscious and are more likely to commute work without a car.
  • Millennials expect clear rules so they know what is expected of them rather than anything hidden and revealed later.
  • The allowance of pets within the property (you could demand a higher deposit for this).
  • Off street parking, for those who do drive, if possible.
  • Fast connection to the internet and WIFI is a must.

Other little things go a long way in keeping the millennial renter comfortable also. Creating an online portal to report maintenance issues and the ability to communicate via text message rather than needing to make a phone call often. Responding to messages quickly is also something they would expect.

Create comfort with Window Film

Residential window film can be seen by many as a luxury but, as we have discussed in the past it can be seen as a luxury rather than an essential. However, as a landlord, it is essential to consider window film as a way to keep your tenants comfortable (it also keeps heating costs down).

As the weather changes throughout the year your windows need to be ready for it. With the innovative 3M Science behind the creation of our prestige series of residential window films, you can keep the home cool during the summer months allowing the tenant to let the sun in on their terms. With daylight redirecting film, you can bring a whole new level of comfort and protection for the family and the home. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade fabrics, wallpapers, and valuables within the house. This is something landlords and tenants would want to avoid due to the cost in replacing those items.

Anti Glare Window film can also reduce glare for the mundane activities within the home. By reducing annoying glare, tenants would be able to get work done, relax and watch TV without any discomfort to the eyes. For those long winter months, insulation window film can stop any heat gain inside the property from getting out.

Tenants would also feel extra comfort if you decided to install security window film which can be ordered in a range of thickness. This type of window film also provides extra safety from intruders, thieves, and vandals that could threaten the home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your properties with residential window film, contact Guardian Window Films today for more information.