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Welcome to Guardian, one of the leading window film specialists in the UK. As accredited dealer/installers for all of the major window film manufacturers in the world, we have access to the widest range of quality tested and approved products and will help you find the very best solution to your particular need(s).
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What is 3M daylight redirecting film?

Daylight redirecting film is specifically designed to redirect sunlight from the windows deeper into commercial and residential buildings, aiming to increase the natural light volume. Bringing natural light into your building has many benefits for you and your tenants, and will reduce the need for artificial lighting, thus saving you money on commercial and residential energy costs.

What are the benefits of daylight redirecting film?

There are many reasons why your business or residential home can benefit from using daylight redirecting window film. Redirecting light is not only good for the inhabitants from a physical perspective but has financial benefits too. 

Below are the main benefits of installing a light redirecting window film:

  • Reduce glare and discomfort caused by direct sunlight.
  • Reflect natural light, as far as 40 feet (12 meters) or more.
  • Save up to 52% on lighting energy by redirecting natural light.
  • Increase employee productivity, within an office environment.
  • Improve and boost retail sales for your business.
  • Decrease absenteeism rates within your company.
  • Help improve student test results and scores.
  • Improve patient recovery times.
  • Improve tenant retention in rental properties.
  • The daylight redirecting window film is easily integrated.
  • The 3m Daylight Redirecting Film does not require any maintenance or special cleaning.


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How does daylight redirecting film work?

Made of micro-structured prisms, the light redirecting window film optically redirects over 80% of daylight upward and then it diffuses it for even distribution. When the 3M Daylight Redirecting Film is installed within the upper portion of the window, daylight is then redirected upwards towards the ceiling, thus allowing natural light to comfortably penetrate deeper into the building.

Is daylight redirecting film suitable for my business?

The Daylight Redirecting Film is recommended for anyone who is looking for a cost-effective method to increase natural light and reduce energy costs within their commercial property. This 3m Light Redirecting Film is ideal for many commercial and residential properties and is often installed in schools, offices, hospitals and homes. 

If you believe Daylight Redirecting Window Film would benefit your commercial or residential property and you want to find out more information, you can email us, call us on 0800 077 8403, or simply come and visit us in our Birmingham offices.

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