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Guardian Window Films has been installing 3M Thinsulate Window Film in residential & commercial properties for over 15 years. We have CHAS, Construction Line and Safe Contractor accreditation.

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What is it?

3M Thinsulate Window Film is a specially designed low emissivity insulating window film. Emissivity is the amount of thermal radiation naturally expended by an object; the lower the emissivity, the less heat an object radiates. By providing 3M Thinsulate Window Film we can provide residential & commercial properties with specialised insulation window film, which can help retain warmth in the winter, and cool air in the summer.

How does it work?

Thinsulate Window Film has a unique design and has the capacity to both reflect heat in warm weather and retain heat in the cooler months throughout the year. Thinsulate Window Film can increase the insulation performance of a standard single-glazed window and can replicate the insulation effect of a double-glazed windows, and even nearly the standard of triple glazing.

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Benefits of Thinsulate Window Film

There are many benefits of fitting 3M Thinsulate Window Film, all of the Thinsulate Film, which we supply have a warranty of 15 years and are applied internally. We provide this, so businesses within the commercial property don’t need not worry about losing operating hours during installations. As these window films are virtually invisible, they don’t interfere with the clarity of incoming light into the property and do not compromise the aesthetics of the building itself.

For offices…

It is known throughout the industry that offices and other commercial properties lose around 40% of their heat through underperforming windows – but thinsulate window film can in fact increase the insulation performance of commercial windows by around 40%, with a clear contribution to reducing a property’s heating and air conditioning costs, which is really beneficial for businesses around the UK.

For listed buildings…

Thinsulate Window Film can be applied to both plain and patterned glass, without compromising aesthetics or efficiency for listed properties. The Thinsulate Window Film which we supply also provides UV protection for antique objects, carpeting and furnishings. This not only can help preserve historical items for listed properties, but it can also bolster modern energy efficiency to the building.

Is Thinsulate Window Film suitable for me?

Thinsulate Window Film is recommended for anyone looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to increase the insulation performance of their property, and with the cold coming in fast, all those who can provide such a product should be in very high demand.

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  • We are accredited dealers and installers for all of the leading window film manufacturers.
  • We have CHASConstruction Line and Safe Contractor accreditation.
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